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Hemp Animal Care

Hemp fibers are some of the most durable and diverse materials in the world. Its multiple purposes allow us to support many an animals’ needs by using eco-friendly all natural hemp material. The main use of Hemp hurd is for horse bedding and pet litter. The bedding absorbs seven times more than straw or saw dust thus reducing labour, storage, logistics and is used afterwards as compost. Extremely nutritional animal feed can be formulated with hemp oil cubes made from the oil cake after extraction. It contains essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, vitamins-, and is very high in protein, essential fats and fiber. The seed alone is commonly used as bird feed as well as fish food. In addition, animal hair and hoof care manufactured with hemp oil is excellent for the animal, as hemp oil has proved to contain several medicinal purposes. Hemp oil is so beneficial for animals that veterinarians has now begun to use it animals with cancer, with promising results. It also has inherent insect repellent effects.

Hemp is an especially attractive material to use for people who want to contribute to a sustainable environment by buying eco-friendly products. Our animal friends enjoy natural products more than any other material. Treat your animals well, treat them with nature!

Hemp Hoofoil

A great product based on pure natural hemp oil. Hoof Oil has beneficial effects on the hooves and horn of all hoofed animals. A wide range of natural oils has been added to Hoof Oil in order to protect, disinfect and nourish the hooves in a sensible manner.

Hoof Oil is quickly soaked up and does not leave an absorbent film. Hoof Oil seals up the treated surface naturally, preventing dirt from sticking. Because of its unique composition Hemp Oil contributes to healthy horn growth.