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Hemp Spa, Wellness & Yoga

The best way to keep a healthy body and a clear mind is to follow nature’s path. With all the tension caused by work and stress, it is vital to maintain calm in order to keep a healthy balance. We have gathered a collection of hemp products to aid a calm, focused and stress-free life. Hemp is a superfood, a wonder material, and nature’s own way of promoting health and wellbeing. Hemp oil has been praised for its numerous health benefits, as it contains essential omega acids 3, 6 and 9 in perfect ratio. When deprived of these amino acids, the body is prone to irritation, infection and disease. Hemp also has a subtle calming, yet stimulating effect when drunk in tea. You will feel your muscles relax and your concentration increase. Even when used in clothes and material, hemp shows its natural goodness. Hemp is a so-called eco-textile because it requires less energy, produces less carbon and, therefore, creates less pollution than other forms of fabric manufacturing. Hemp in all its different forms is healthy for body, mind and environment. Bring nature into your life and enrich yourself with the many wonders of hemp!