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Hemp History CE

1563: Queen Elizabeth orders landowners with 60 acres or more to grow cannabis or face a £5 fine

In 1533, King Henry VIII decreed that all landholders set aside one-quarter acre for the cultivation of  hemp for every sixty acres of land that they tilled, in order to provide the necessary fibre required by the nation. This was to satisfy the increased demand for rope and sailcloth for  King Henry's VIII new navy.

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1564: King Phillip II orders hemp to be grown throughout the Spanish Empire

In 1492 Columbus 'discovered' America and claimed it for his patrons King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. With the discovery of the New World, the age of sail comes into full force for the Spanish Empire.  Hemp is one of the most heavily used materials in the  building of seafaring vessels, second only to wood. The young super power needed huge supplies of hemp to build the navy and merchant ships that secured the newly found wealth and power.

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