20 Year Anniversary

20 Year Anniversary! Founded in Amsterdam in 2001, Hempshopper celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year with 20% discount on specially selected cannabis products!

So, all year long we bring you amazing offers with 20 percent discount! For example, cannabis seeds, CBD products, cannabis terpenes, hemp food, accessories, hemp body care products and much more.

There will be many different great offers throughout the year, so make sure to check back regularly!

Short History of Hempshopper

The cannabis plant is awesome. It all started with that.

The cannabis plant is around for a long time. Hemp is used for ropes, sails, kimonos, samurai suits, the original jeans from the 1900s, (Rembrandts’) canvasses, present-day clothing. New applications even include the use of hemp in biodegradable composites, building materials and interiors. And not only the fibers are awesome! Hemp even is a known superfood because of its outstanding nutritional content. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of plant-based protein. This protein contains all nine essential amino acids. Additionally, hemp seed oil has the highest and most complete profile of essential fatty acids, and has an enchanting and remarkably sweet nutty taste. Moreover, research suggests that our body absorbs hemp’s protein very well. And not only from the inside. These oils nowadays give cosmetics the extra they need as well.

The cannabis plant is unbelievably versatile. And we, at Hempshopper, wanted to honor that versatility by providing all the plant has to give under one roof. Hempshopper started in 2001 as a small company with a big vision: Hempshopping was born.

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