Hempshopper’s Hemp Bags: stronger bags are just not around.

From everyday handbags to sturdy backpacks, no outfit is complete without a trendy Hempshopper Hemp Bag. No matter how little or how much you have, Hempshopper has a fashionable but strong bag made from hemp to meet your needs. Keep your stuff safe but easily accessible in your extremely durable new bag.

What’s inside your purse? All of your important belongings! Whether you like wearing a big bag across your body, a smaller organized bag over one shoulder or a comfortable to carry rucksack on your back, Hempshopper’s hemp bags keep your essentials safely together. Because you can organize your stuff without problems and just the way you like in all the convenient compartments. And all the pockets and compartments close securely with a zipper and/or a flap over with a sturdy clasp or belt buckle. Moreover, the adjustable straps let you fit your bag to your body so you almost do not even feel the load you’re carrying.

These hemp bags are made with natural hemp fiber, taken from the stalks of the cannabis plant. Hemp is one of the most useful and environmentally friendly materials found. Hemp fibers are very much like cotton fibers only three times stronger and far more absorbent making them perfect for infants, children, and adults alike. They even have a natural resistance to mold and mildew and tests have shown that hemp material, with a close weave, repel up to 95% of U.V. rays. Therefore, hemp stuff lasts very long. And this knowledge has been around for ages. For example, California produced the original jeans for the goldminers of the late 1900s out of 100% hemp canvas.

Hemp Bags are Just Wonderful

The Japanese made all kimonos out of hemp in the Heian period. Everybody wore them and all day long. Later, they also made samurai suits out of hemp. The oldest relics of human industry even are bits of hemp fabric discovered in tombs dating back to approximately 8000 B.C!

People thus have used the fibers of hemp for the production of various utensils for thousands of years. Hemp made rope and sail, textiles and clothing, filling of cushions, paper and canvasses for painting, etc. New applications even include the use of hemp in composites, building material, and cosmetics. And Hempshopper’s Hemp Bags collection is a current example of what this wonderful plant has to offer.

Natural and organic fibers become more and more popular since we have more eye for the environment. We therefore strive to make the whole world know about hemp. For hemp specifically is an naturally eco-friendly raw material because growing it needs less energy than most other fibers. For example, it only needs a quarter of the water needed to grow cotton. It also produces less carbon and therefore creates much less pollution than many other forms of manufacturing.

Do you want green but durable material? Hemp is the way to go!


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