Hemp Audio

Hemp audio? When you think you’ve seen it all.
Hempshopper presents Bluetooth convenience, socially responsible craftsmanship, and impressive audio quality, wrapped in exclusive hemp fabric covering. How did we find this awesome combination!?

House of Marley offers a wide range of systems that aim to give back. This company takes its responsibility and wants to go the extra mile. That is why they produce earth-friendly headphones and audio systems.

To do this, House of Marley concerns itself with the raw materials it uses.
Textiles in their products are 30% hemp and organic cotton, hence Hemp Audio. This fabric, which they called Rewind, was developed by House of Marley itself. Moreover, the plastic parts consist of 40% recycled plastic bottles (RPET).

Owned by his family, House of Marley spreads Bob Marley’s vision of one love by creating a better world. What more can you ask for? Hempshopper thus is a proud distributor of House of Marley.

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