Feminized Seeds

Although cannabis has two sexes, only the female plants produces flowers and buds. Because of their special properties, co-called feminized seeds always grow into female plants. Using feminized seeds saves a lot of time and working space. Feminized seeds therefore make it much easier to get good results right away.

Regular seeds either become male or female: the chance is 50-50 (some say 40-60), as it is with us. This is a challenge when growing cannabis. Because fertilized cannabis plants produce a lot of seed, you separate the male and female plants before the plants pollinate each other. Traditionally you needed twice as many seeds to account for the part of plants you were to take away. This difficulty now is no more!

Feminized seeds contain no male genes, because the seeds are genetically modified to become female. No worries about timely identifying the gender of your plants! Moreover, this way growing cannabis is less work and easier than ever before. Additionally, you know beforehand how many seeds to get and thus are more certain of having a maximum yield.

Controlled Sex Expression

Cannabis plants genetically become either male or female. The two chromosomes, the X and Y chromosome, determine this naturally. Male plants carry XY chromosomes while a seed with XX chromosomes becomes a female plant. To produce seeds carrying only XX chromosomes, a selected female plant is forced by a hormone called gibberellic acid to produce male flowers. The pollen from these flowers contain only X chromosomes. By introducing this pollen to another female plant, this plant henceforth only produces 99,99% female seeds.


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