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– Feminized seeds
– Flowering time: 63 days
– Yield up to 400-550 g/m2
– Sativa / Indica
– Limited Edition

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.

Limited Offer: Buy a 5-pack of Wy-Kiki (Feminized Seeds) and get +1 Free French Macaron seed and +2 Free Wy-Kiki seeds.


Wy-Kiki (Feminized Seeds): Pink Panties X Banana Candy Krush. A fruity, candy cocktail to relax with next to the pool. The perfect release for summer! Pink Panties is one of the most sought-after clones in the world. Genetic basis for some of the most popular strains around Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Sunset Sherbert etc. Only the lucky few have been able to get their hands on the real Pink Panties. T.H.Seeds has been experimenting with it for the last 3 years until we finally created Wy-Kiki. It is a truly special and worthy strain to carry on the Pink Panties heritage.

Wy-Kiki is so very different than anything we have ever grown before. Exotic flowers with unique terpenes and colors. She has a well-balanced structure with good internode spacing to allow sufficient light and airflow. Surely her size depends on the time you leave her in veg. It was around 110-115 cm during our testing crop. The longer you leave Wy-Kiki in veg, the better her structure will be and she is suitable for all conditions.

T.H.Seeds advises topping to have around 6-8 tops with all branches in equal development. Then she stretches by a factor of 2 to 3 depending on the phenotype. Wy-Kiki is not too leafy and really easy to grow. Harvesting could not be easier with a high bud-to-leaf ratio. The Wy-Kiki (Feminized Seeds) buds are as full of surprises as the cocktail. exotic, dense flowers with a unique structure and a strong fruity candy smell with a gassy, earthy background. Great density and really sticky to your fingers so you better use a grinder or scissors.

There are two main phenotypes: one is a light green pheno with purple undertones. The other one is totally purple pheno with dark, almost black flowers with orange hairs and a little green. Both phenos have an intense smell and huge resin production and are both excellent for making hash with their other-worldly terpene profile. T.H.Seeds recommends a drying time of around 10-15 days and hand trimming. Also, an under-screen to collect all the resin falling down during the trimming. It is always recommended to cure it well to get all the true flavors without any chlorophyll left in the dry flowers.

Wy-Kiki (Feminized Seeds) is T.H.Seed’s first public release using a Pink Panties cut. Surely, it is one of the most wanted plants in the world. Certainly, one of our favorite private smokes since we got her 3 years ago. Now released for all the world, we can’t wait to receive your greetings from Wy-Kiki!

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