Six Shooter (Autoflowering Seeds)


– Autoflowering Feminized seeds
– Seed-to-weed: 10 weeks
– Yield: XXL
– Sativa/Indica

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.


Six Shooter is one of our larger strains growing up to a hefty 1.4m in height. Its sturdy genetics and high production make it a great choice for outdoor growers and for anyone looking to do some LST. With a potent 23% THC this strain is one of our stronger Sativa leaning hybrids.

Large and in Charge. One of Fast Buds larger growing plants, she’ll reach up to 1.4m in height, and can attain 1m in height even after just 4 weeks. Good internodal spacing and large main cola production makes her quite the hefty yielder.

Despite being a large plant, she’s not difficult to grow. More experienced growers can easily get away with some LST and is recommended for anyone growing indoors. Outdoor growers are going to want to plant her in large pots and give her lots of sunshine so that she can reach her full growth potential.

A smoke rich with woody-pine fragrances that leaves a strong, but not displeasing floral pine taste on the lips, accompanied but not overwhelmed by subtle citrus undertones complementing the taste.

Additional information

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Sativa / Indica

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