Gorilla Glue Solid 12% CBD 1 g


  • CBD Solid is a resin extracted from hemp plants
  • Obtained from the flowers of the finest EU certified industrial hemp plants
  • Flavored with terpenes profiles


Gorilla Glue Solid 12% CBD 1 gram. Gorilla Glue Solid is a CBD-rich resin, extracted from specially bred hemp plants.

CBD Lab obtains this extract, infused with an elaborated, high-quality terpene profile, from some of the tastiest and aromatic cannabis strains we know today. These aromatic substances, called terpenes (and terpenoids), occure naturally in all strains and varieties of cannabis.

Many plants naturally produce terpenes as protection against predators and to attract pollinators. The hemp plant also makes many different kinds of natural terpenoids (often abbreviated to terps). Each variety of cannabis makes different amounts of terps and in varying combinations. As a result, they determine the unique smell and taste of each type of plant. They also work together with the cannabinoids (other natural compounds) in the plant. As a result, they help create each cannabis variety’s unique features and qualities.

With a CBD level of 12%, this resin also provides a substantial amount of cannabidiol. This way, you can enjoy the unique taste of Gorilla Glue Solid and reap the benefits of CBD at the same time.
Each batch of Gorilla Glue Solid 12% CBD is lab-tested for consistent quality.

Gorilla Glue Solid contains less than 0.2% THC.

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Gewicht 0.002 kg
CBD Merk


Gorilla Glue


1 g

CBD per Package

120 mg

CBD Percentage

12 %

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