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Dr. Greenlove’s Cannabis Bears.

Cannabis Candy

Cannabis Oil and Terpenes


Multiple prize-winning cannabis candy maker, Dr. Greenlove has created one of their tastiest treats yet! Original Cannabis Bears. Delicious soft, sugar-coated gummy bears with cannabis oil and terpenes.

The gummy bear originated in Germany, where it is popular under the name Gummibär, or in the endearing form Gummibärchen. Because everyone loves fruit gum candies, these cute and friendly-looking treats have taken the world by storm. As a result, they are now some of the best-liked and most recognizable candies on the planet.

Dr. Greenlove makes cannabis candy. Following their own unique recipe, they infused these gourmet gummies with premium-quality cannabis oil and natural cannabis terpenes, to create the ultimate cannabis candy experience.

Terpenes (terpenoids) are widely used for their aromatic qualities. Many plants naturally produce terpenes as protection against predators and to attract pollinators. The hemp plant also makes many different kinds of natural terpenoids (often abbreviated to terps). We know that terps do not get you high. But we also know that plants with the same amounts of THC and CBD can have different effects on the body. They even can taste differently. Terpenoids not only give each cannabis variety its unique aroma, but researchers believe that they also work together with the cannabinoids to determine its unique effect.

Based in Amsterdam, Dr. Greenlove was originally founded as Hemperium in 1996. Because they produce authentic and innovative cannabis food products, they have received multiple awards for their achievements, including two High Times Cannabis Cups.

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