CBD Seeds

CBD seeds: the seeds of these unique cannabis varieties grow plants and flowers that produce resin with high levels of cannabidiol, a.k.a CBD. CBD is a chemical substance naturally found in cannabis. It is studied for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues.

Hempshopper has seeds of CBD-rich cannabis varieties available from all major seed companies and in all variants: regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

Most of these varieties have low levels of THC. This therefore makes them very suitable for certain therapeutic applications as they can be used without causing the sensation of feeling ‘high’.

Some CBD manufacturers claim indefensible things, such as that CBD is a cure-all for several severe diseases, which it is not. However, research shows that CBD can be anti-inflammatory, nerve protective, anti-epileptic and muscle relaxant. A number of studies show that CBD helps against seizures. It may help inhibit fear, and it also seems to help against nausea and possibly rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD Ratio

CBD seeds thus logically are popular nowadays. Medical cannabis growers in particular often place a high value on CBD-rich seeds, but many recreational growers also enjoy the very satisfying effects. Unlike traditional seeds with a high THC content, a CBD seed produces plants with increased CBD levels that are much higher than most other strains. We have CBD strains with a 1: 1 ratio of THC: CBD. Many cannabis users find that this ratio provides the best effects. However, you can also buy CBD varieties that contain for example 4% up to 15% CBD in the dried buds. This can be in combination with THC (or other cannabinoids).

Many people use CBD in their daily life. Part of its popularity stems from it being completely legal, non-psychoactive, and not addictive. So now anyone can reap the benefits of hemp without feeling high.


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