Outdoor Seeds

Hempshopper’s vast collection of outdoor seeds: choose your resilient and high yielding seeds here.

Cannabis plants grow all over the world, literally on all continents. And all cannabis plants are outdoor plants, naturally. The term outdoor seeds thus is a little misleading.

Since these awesome plants grow everywhere on the world, it is easy to understand that not all cannabis plants are alike. The climate differs everywhere after all. That is the main reason why we know different varieties of the cannabis plant. Consequently, each particular cannabis variety has a particular favorite climate to grow in. But this is not extremely rigid, obviously. Genetics hold the key to your cannabis seeds’ potential.

Most marijuana thrives with some sun and a warmer climate. However, many excellent hardy strains are at home in cooler, wetter conditions. They are tough, cold-resistant and much more resistant to harsh outdoor weather than other cannabis strains. For example, these varieties are very mold resitant, grow shorter and stockier and protect their flowers with many wide leaves. These varieties we now call outdoor seeds.

Establish how much daily sunlight your cannabis plants are likely to receive during the growing and flowering season. Maybe go online and find data on hours of daily sunlight, temperatures day and night, and precipitation frequency. When you know the particular data of your area, you go and consider which strains may be the best fit. For example, if you live around the Mediterranean you have more hours of light later in the year, giving you the opportunity to grow strains rich in Sativa genetics. But when you live in Northern Europe with its short summers, you have more luck growing Indica or Ruderalis rich varieties.

In our collection you find autoflowering seeds, feminized and regular seeds. So whether you need fast results, no hassle or large and full-grown plants, you find your particular seeds for outside easily at Hempshopper’s seedbank. With outdoor indica, sativa and hybrid genetics, there’s something for everyone!


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