CBD Solid

CBD Solid: dark, rich and bubbly chunks of delicious, creamy and natural CBD.

CBD Solid is a resin extracted from hemp plants, obtained from the flowers of the finest EU certified industrial hemp plants. Now you can enjoy CBD in a more traditional way! CBD Solids smell and taste awesome, and bubble away when hit with heat.

Hemp produces CBD (cannabidiol) naturally. Scientists study CBD for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues. Therefore, many people use CBD in their daily life. Part of its popularity stems from it being completely legal, non-psychoactive, and not addictive. This way, anyone can reap the benefits of hemp.

Hempshopper’s CBD solids are easy and a joy to use, but more importantly, very, very tasty.

This is because cannabis plants also produce different kinds of terpenes. Widely used for their aromatic qualities, these terpenes play a significant role in traditional medicine and herbal remedies. A commonly known example is beta-carotene that our body uses to make vitamin A. Terpenes also appear to be helpful with, among others, sleeping, appetite, and boosting the immune system.

Each flavor of CBD Solids offers the authentic taste of a unique cannabis variety. The variations in the terpene-profiles also enhance the effects of CBD for an uplifting, calming, mood-boosting feeling. The cannabidiol levels in the CBD Solids even surpass that of the original varieties. Because of this, CBD Solids can deliver an abundant experience.

Hempshopper beliefs that the best way to keep a healthy body and a clear mind is to follow nature’s path. That is why we are at the forefront of the development and innovation of the amazingly propitious substance CBD.


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