Big Buddha

Big Buddha Seeds

Back in 2002, Big Buddha Seeds developed the famous Cheese, its flagship variety. The Cheese mother reportedly originated in 1988-89 as a unique female phenotype from a batch of Sensi Seeds somewhere in the Chiltern Hills outside of London. This plant gave out some massive buds and smelled very strongly with a cheese smell. Because of this initial success, Big Buddha specialized in Cheese varieties and cross-bred Cheese genetics.

With almost twenty years of breeding, Big Buddha is a friend to both beginning and experienced growers for whom reliability means everything.

The champion breeder stands out from the crowd as a result of their vast experience with cannabis genetics. They develop and improve their strains and varieties every year to guarantee that your experience is always first-rate. By buying Big Buddha Seeds, you will always find a great plant. So, enjoy some of the most recognizable cannabis genetics from this unique gene pool.

As a true champion breeder,  this company won many marijuana-related prizes, including several High Times Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam.

Big Buddah’s Tips for Growing

Definitely on soil, however some grow out crops using a coco/soil mix with some excellent results and a full bodied taste. We consistently use Advanced Nutrients from Canada. Presently we produce data for them in Europe using their products. These products are very reliable and both the synthetic and organic range are great. It all depends on your own situation, are you growing for profit? Yield? Taste? Ease of growth? Every grower has their own motives. Take care of your plants and give them some good attention and they will return you with their beautiful fruits.

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