Fast Buds

Fast Buds
Growing cannabis is not always easy, especially if you do it for the first time. Auto-flowering seeds from Fast Buds make things a lot easier.

In a world of constant progress, Fast Buds understands that it is essential to evolve. For this reason, Fast Buds dedicated over ten years of hard work refining and optimizing their auto-flowering genetics. After a decade of crossbreeding the highest quality Ruderalis hybrids, they now created the new standard in auto-flowering genetics.

Autoflowering cannabis varieties go from growing to flowering when they reach a certain age or height. As a result, these plants flower unrestrained and finish much quicker than traditional cannabis plants, under almost any circumstances. With conventional plants, the flowers show themselves only when the daily hours of light exposure reduce by seasonal changes or human interference.

The Fast Bud Team

From the beginning the Fast Bud team expanded to a group of multicultural professionals. All with a great passion to contribute the best to the cannabis community. They come from, among others, the US, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Chili and Russia. This global team works hard every day to create and maintain an excellent collection of top strains. Their automatically flowering varieties therefore won several international awards, from the United States to South-America, including the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup.

Today, Fast Buds is represented all over the world. Tomorrow, they hope to be within reach for everybody with a love for growing. Enjoy growing more quickly with bigger buds!


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