Strain Hunters Seeds

Strain Hunters Seeds

Strain Hunters Seeds claim to sell the best cannabis seeds in the world. They dare to lay this claim because they travel the world to locate, identify and retrieve local cannabis genetics. The company also shares its knowledge with local farmers and in return takes their wisdom home. This seedbank aims to secure and protect local varieties.

Strain Hunters Seeds are of excellent quality. They consist of only the finest genetic material.

Founded in 2012, Strain Hunters Seeds since thus are genetically very exclusive. They offer you high quality seeds, hereby spreading the love and knowledge of these very special strains. Even though not large, their collection only has the best feminized-, hybrids-, autoflowering- and regular cannabis seeds. The seedbank has strains for indoors and outdoors. Some varieties are especially easy to grow while others specifically give a very high yield or have a very outspoken taste. There is something for everybody!


Strain Hunters Seeds is a young company. However, the company bred numerous prizewinning varieties with the help of original country bound strains. Thanks to their worldwide travels, Strain Hunters has built up a cult-like fanbase.

Their Mission

The Strain Hunters want to secure the finest country bound varieties for future generations. They even produced documentaries about the worth of cannabis. The influence of cannabis on people is celebrated. One of their main purposes is sharing the exclusive genetics with scientists and doctors to give them the possibility to further enhance knowledge of the cannabis plant in the medicinal field.


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