The Devil's Harvest Seeds

Devil's Harvest Seeds

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds established a reputation for itself as the producer of prizewinning cannabis strains. They produce unique varieties with high yields. Their regular and feminized cannabis seeds are very reliable and are bred to have the shortest possible flowering period. Naturally, looks, flavor, and effect matter as much as flowering time and yield. Devil’s Harvest excels here as well.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds’ outstanding genetics have won several high-profile awards.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds selects its strains carefully for their stability and resilience and all grow to great success in well maintained indoor environments. However, when growing outdoors, a lot of factors affect the final result. It largely depends on which part of the world you live. For example, for areas of low humidity they recommend trying one of their award winning kush strains.

But Indica and Sativa varieties created by this Amsterdam-based company also show distinct, sought-after characteristics demanded by both indoors- and outdoors growers, as well as by starters and professionals. These well-known weed strains are reliable and bred for speed, reaching the highest yields in the shortest possible flowering period.

Quality Recognition

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds’ outstanding genetics won several high-profile awards. This collection of prizes include the Dutch High Life Cup, the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and the Spannabis Cup in Barcelona, to name but a few. With famous prizewinning strains such as Rollex OG, Strawberry Sour Diesel, and Shoreline, you will find the cup-winner that is perfect for you.


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