CBD Mazar (Feminized Seeds) – Dutch Passion


– Feminized Seeds
– Flowering time: 8 weeks
– Yield: L
– Indica

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.


CBD Mazar (Feminized Seeds) – Dutch Passion fulfill the need for high-quality CBD strains that are low in THC (<1%) is still increasing. Dutch Passion can hardly keep up with the demand for the industry’s leading CBD strain, CBD Charlotte’s Angel and have decided to add another member to the high-CBD low-THC cannabis seed collection.
Dutch Passion has crossed the Sativa dominant, best-selling CBD Charlotte’s Angel with one of their most stable strains, namely the classic Indica-dominant Mazar.

CBD Mazar is slightly lower in CBD than CBD Charlotte’s Angel. CBD Mazar produces approximately 10-13% CBD, but THC content is always below 1%. On average CBD Mazar shows around 0.4-0.5% THC.

Because of the Indica traits that have been bred into this medical variety, Dutch Passion reduced the flowering time by a week compared to CBD Charlotte’s Angel, so 8 weeks instead of 9. Outdoors she finishes at the end of September.

CBD Mazar (Feminized Seeds) – Dutch Passion production potential can be classified as ‘Large’. Buds are hard and dense. The terpene profile leans towards the earthy, kushy and spicy side of the spectrum. As this plant is quite resinous, it can be used for extraction purposes and making oils.

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