Cannabis Organic Hemp Flavored Papers king size slim display – Iberpapel


Flavor: Cannabis

Material: Hemp

Size: King Size Slim

25 booklets per display

32 leaves per booklet


All-natural materials, extended burning, and an exceptionally pleasant taste experience. Rolling tickets definitely do not have to be just a mandatory addition that does not increase the pleasure of smoking in any way. Cannabis Organic Hemp Paper is a great accessory for anyone looking for something completely new and original. These are organic products, made of natural hemp, thin and available in slim.

The display includes 32 packages, each package has 32 king-size slim leaves. The taste is delicate, but really noticeable, thanks to which above-average smoking pleasure will be guaranteed. These papers are always original.

Additional information

Weight0.005 kg

Hemp 420

Paper Flavor


Paper Size

King Size Slim

Paper Brand


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