Super Automatic Haze (Autoflowering Seeds) – Ceres Seeds


– Feminized Autoflowering Seeds
– Seed-to-weed: 70-80 days
– 1 gram per watt of light
– Ruderalis x Sativa

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.

Free Seed: Buy an original 5-pack of Super Automatic Haze (Autoflowering Seeds) and get + 1 Free Extra Seed with your order.


With Super Automatic Haze Ceres Seeds has coupled the flavorous, uplifting qualities of a superb sativa strain with the farmer-friendly features of the auto-flowering ruderalis plant. Super Automatic Haze remains relatively short and flowers very quickly. The auto-flowering process makes it possible to plant seeds and harvest several times throughout the season – even in a Northern climate! As a predominantly sativa cross, Super Automatic Haze has a sweet, fruity taste with a spicy edge, and a long-lasting, cerebral high that is pleasant and energetic without giving you a ‘rushed’ feeling.

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Sativa / Indica

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