Blueberry Terpsolator 99% CBD 0.5 g


  • CBD powder crystals
  • Extracted naturally from the plant reaching 99% purity
  • Does not contain residues of solvents or chemical agents


Blueberry Terpsolator 99% CBD –  0.5 gram. Lab-quality CBD crystal powder enriched with selected cannabis terpenes.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical substance naturally found in hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). CBD is studied for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues.
Many people use CBD in their daily life. Part of its popularity stems from it being completely legal, non-psychoactive, and not addictive. This way, anyone can reap the benefits of hemp without feeling high.

CBD crystals are the concentrate of cannabidiol in its purest form. They are extracted naturally from the cannabis plant by CO2 extraction, reaching 99% purity. As a result, CBD crystals do not contain any residues of solvents or chemical agents.

To now make Terpsolator, Plant of Life infuses the CBD crystals with lush, aromatic terpenes of specially selected, EU-certified hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) varieties.

Many plants naturally produce terpenes (and terpenoids) as protection against predators and to attract pollinators. Terpenes, widely used for their aromatic qualities, also play a significant role in traditional medicine and herbal remedies.

The hemp plant also produces many different kinds of natural terpenoids (often abbreviated to terps). Each variety of cannabis makes different amounts of terps and in varying combinations. As a result, they determine the unique smell and taste of each type of plant.

We know that terps do not get you high. But we also know that plants with the same amounts of THC and CBD can have different influences on the body. They even can taste differently. Researchers, therefore, believe that terpenes also work together with the cannabinoids in cannabis to determine their unique effects.

Blueberry Terpsolator 99% CBD 0.5 gram contains less than 0,2% THC.

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Additional information

Weight 0.0015 kg

CBD, Terpenes

CBD Brand

CBD Percentage

99 %

CBD per Package

495 mg


0.5 g



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