Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Nutrition

Do not underestimate the nutritional value of hemp! For thousands of years, people throughout the world use the cannabis plant for culinary purposes. And hemp nutrition is here to stay.

Whether you are a (self-proclaimed) chef, on a diet, buffing yourself up in the gym, going vegan, or just making some healthier choices in life, hemp is the way to go! And hemp is not only extremely healthy, it offers many very delicious and enticing additions to your daily cooking, snacks, drinks and condiments.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp is a so-called superfood because of its outstanding nutritional content. The inside of the hemp seed, the hemp nut, is rich in many much needed nutritional substances.

Firstly, the protein content of hemp seed is one of the highest and most complete coming from vegetable sources. It’s only exceeded by soy. Although hemp contains less protein than soy, hemp is a more digestible source of vegetable protein because of the complete spectrum of all nine amino acids in it. Research even proves that our body absorbs hemp’s protein extremely easily. Also, hemp is not genetically modified, like most soy. For these reasons, many vegetarians and vegans choose hemp seeds for their main protein intake. And when working out, you 100% naturally build up your muscles very fast with hemp since your system digests it so easily.

In addition, hemp nut provides an excellent source of healthy fiber, both soluble and insoluble. This is awesome because we know that our digestive system needs both fibers daily. And not only that, research even suggests that adding both fibers to your diet cuts down your risk of chronic disease. Because hemp nut contains both kinds of fiber it is an optimal choice as daily fiber source. Want to increase your fiber intake very drastically? Use raw (unpeeled) hemp seed in your kitchen and your fiber intake goes through the roof!

Hemp’s Vitamins and Minerals

Hemp further is full of popular vitamins and antioxidants. Among others, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6, folic acid (B11), vitamin E, vitamin C, and astaxanthin. Your cells thus also thrive from within. In addition, hemp contains many essential minerals in high quantities. These include potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus and micro-elements. Our body uses minerals among others for keeping bones, muscles, heart, and brain working properly. Minerals also are important for enzymes and hormones.

But hemp’s nutrition doesn’t even stop there! Because pressed hemp seeds also make incredible oils.

Hemp’s Essential Fatty Acids

Last but certainly not least, hemp seed oil contains about 80% essential fatty acids. And compared with other oils it is very, very low in saturated fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is considered to be the #1 nutritional oil for health, because it has the highest and most complete profile of these essential fatty acids. First cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil therefore is Nature’s own healthy blend of omega 3 and 6. In addition, hemp also contains GLA. This makes hemp one of only two plants known to contain all three of these vital nutrients. Furthermore, it also contains linoleic acid and, unlike for example most flax seed oil, hemp seed oil does not go rancid quickly.

Essential fatty acids, among others, ease inflammation, keep your brain functioning perfectly and improve blood cholesterol levels, thereby helping reducing the risk of heart disease. Nutritionists recommend that for optimal health benefits, one’s intake of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids should be in a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. This approximately is the ratio in hemp oil. Hemp seed oil is one of the few natural resources that can make this claim. In this sense, hemp is perfectly balanced.

Naturally, the hemp nut also contains these much needed fats. When using hemp nut and/or seed you thus profit from these fats as well. However, hemp seed oil contains much more of these fats, since hemp oil is a concentrated form of hemp nut. (And, logically, hemp seed oil also contains all the above mentioned beneficial ingredients of the hemp nut.) On a side note, hemp seed oil also is very beneficial as skin care but that is a story for another time.

Deliciously Healthy

Not only is hemp seed oil extremely healthy, it also tastes wonderful. The cold-pressed seeds of the hemp plant yield an oil that has a enchanting and remarkable sweet nutty taste that is appreciated by both gourmet and health minded folks alike. Replacing the oil you regularly use in the kitchen with hemp seed oil thus pleases your pallet while healing your body and those of your loved ones at the same time. And not only hemp seed oil is multi-purpose. The hemp plant is deliciously versatile, as a raw material and in the kitchen as well.

For example, by adding (raw) hemp seeds to, say, your daily yoghurt or shake, you reap all apetizing benefits hemp has to offer easily. Meals also improve by adding a sprinkle of hemp seed: the nutty taste and crunchy effect lift up the other flavors and textures. And not to forget, hemp flour also is a much needed addition to your kitchen, since the sweets you bake suddenly are healthy!? They can indeed be used as protein bar in the gym, if you mind the other ingredients you add. And if you’re not a baker, you snack without guilt with, for example, some heavenly dark hemp chocolate. You even enjoy part of hemp’s benefits when drinking a simple but wonderful hemp tea, or a cold hemp beverage if you prefer that.  (The taste of) hemp just improves your life, and without any effort.


Moreover, when you add hemp nutrition to your diet, you are not only being healthy but you also behave responsibly. Because hemp in particular is a naturally environmentally friendly raw material, as it requires less energy for cultivation than most other plants. For example, it only needs a quarter of the water needed to grow cotton. It also produces less carbon and therefore causes much less pollution than many other forms of production. Moreover, it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world: you harvest hemp multiple times per year. In addition, unlike soy, for example, hemp grows everywhere. So cutting down rainforests and things like that are not needed to grow hemp on a large scale. Hemp is an answer to many present issues!

Whether you like cooking or are looking for health: Cannabis tastes fantastic! Add hemp nutrition to your daily routine now.

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