Hemp String

Hemp String: flexible and very strong twine, made of multiple strands of twisted hemp fibers.

These beautifully dyed hemp strings are durable and strong. They are easily used to tie, bind, or hang objects. But hemp twine is also suitable for making things, such as bindings in arts and crafts, macramé, crochet or for making textiles.

We invented string some 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, and there is evidence to support that this was done with hemp. Hemp strings were used to make prehistoric fires such as with a bow drill, as well as fishing lines, nets, sutures, shelter making material and, of course, textiles and clothing. Proof for this is the fact that the oldest relics of human industry are bits of Hemp fabric discovered in tombs dating back to approximately 8000 B.C.

Hemp is Just a Wonderful Plant

But there is more proof! California produced the original jeans for the goldminers of the late 1900s out of 100% hemp canvas. And the Japanese made all kimonos out of hemp in the Heian period. Everybody wore them and all day long. Later, they also made samurai suits out of hemp.

People thus have used the fibers of hemp for the production of various utensils for thousands of years. Hemp made rope and sail, textiles and clothing, filling of cushions, paper and canvasses for painting, etc. New applications even include the use of hemp in composites, building material, and cosmetics. And Hempshopper’s Hemp String collection is a current example of what this wonderful plant has to offer.

Natural and organic fibers become more and more popular since we have more eye for the environment. We therefore strive to make the whole world know about hemp. For hemp specifically is an naturally eco-friendly raw material because growing it needs less energy than most other fibers. For example, it only needs a quarter of the water needed to grow cotton. It also produces less carbon and therefore creates much less pollution than many other forms of manufacturing. Moreover, hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.

Do you want green but durable material? Hemp is the way to go!


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