Hemp Rolling Kit Medium


Big enough to hold a grinder as well as the rest of your smoking kit. The S3 boasts 2 zippable pockets, each large enough for a tobacco pouch or anything else ou might want to store in there.

These unique rolling kits are made from very strong hemp fibers. Moreover, the production of hemp is much more environmentally friendly than the production of, for example, cotton. Hemp can be harvested several times.

Size: 220mm / 95mm / 35mm


Wolf Productions

The Rolling Kit R1 is produced by Wolf Productions, a Scottish company that specializes in making high quality Rolling Trays and Rolling Kits. Wolf Productions’ rolling kits are characterized by their craftsmanship, their design in which love for the convenient storage of smoking products is paramount, and the durability of the products. We continuously strive for the ideal combination of luxury design, user-friendliness and durability. That makes a Wolf Productions product a real top product.

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