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– Feminized Cannabis Seeds
– Sunny / Mediterranean
– High plant
– Flowering 55 – 75 days
– Yield Heavy Yield
– 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.

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Jack Flash # 5 (Feminized Seeds)

Once we created the most awarded cannabis in the world in the form of Sensi Seeds Jack Herer, we kept working with this superb line of genetics. We wanted to see what other delicious delights it had to offer. Taking a high direction for the new strain, the breeders took the most sativa of the four phenotypes and blended it with Super Skunk and Haze. The result was then repeatedly and carefully backcrossed to create Sensi Seeds Jack Flash (Feminized Seeds).

This new descendant was revolutionary. The average grower could cultivate an exotic, uplifting, mouth-wateringly tasty strain. And without being too time-consuming, challenging, or low-yielding to be worthwhile.

Jack Flash # 5 (Feminized Seeds) provides the delicious rewards of Jack Herer with an ease of growing that is more usually associated with the Skunk family.

Sensi Seeds Jack Flash # 5 presents in two phenotypes rather than the four that cannabis seeds of the original Jack are famous for, and both seem to occur with equal frequency. One likes to grow tall, demonstrating swift growth during both vegetation and flowering. The main stem and up-reaching, slender lateral branches quickly become covered in the dense buds.

In contrast, the indica version remains compact and stocky, making it a good candidate for Sea Of Green cultivation. During flowering, the blooms mature as swiftly as those of the Haze-y hybrid, yet they have a distinctly different structure. The calyxes are so large and fat that they can appear overdeveloped. The buds form fat crowns of multiple points that sparkle with trichomes.

In terms of flavor, Jack Flash builds on the classic earthy, skunky spice of Jack Herer with fruity notes of apricot and orange. During the flowering period, the plants emit a lemony fragrance that, though noticeable, is not overwhelmingly strong. The taste and aroma increase considerably when the buds are ready. If fresh, you will feel top notes of mint and pine. This variety has also been compared to Earl Grey tea, with pleasant mandarin orange and bergamot flavors.

The effects combine feelings of happy relaxation with an energizing buzz that can stimulate creativity and inspiration. Because of that, the high is buoyant, even bouncy, and as cerebral as its famous parent. Sensi Seeds Jack Flash generally makes users feel more sociable and talkative, rather than withdrawing into the almost psychedelic effect that can occur with some types of cannabis.

This variety won a prize at the 2007 Highlife Festival in the Seed Company Hydro category. Also at the 2004 Cannabis Cup, where it took third place in the overall best cannabis category. These are cannabis seeds for a very special variety indeed, and growers with some previous experience will definitely be able to bring out the best in it.

These feminized seeds follow this pattern. An excellent choice for gardeners ready to branch out into the realms of sativa-dominant strains with indica-like growth characteristics.

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