Auto Lemonesia (Autoflowering Seeds) – Ceres Seeds


– Feminized Cannabis Seeds
– Autoflowering
– Seed-to-weed: 70-80 days
– 1 gram per watt of light
– Ruderalis x (Sativa x Sativa) x (Sativa x Indica)

Available in original packs of 5 seeds.

Free Seed: Buy an original 5-pack of Auto Lemonesia (Autoflowering Seeds) and get + 1 Free Extra Seed with your order.


For this supreme auto-flowering, sativa dominant strain, we brought Lemonesia and the reliable Ruderalis landrace together, to create a short, fast growing and highly potent variety. Just as with the original Lemonesia, the unique composition of terpenes in this plant are the source of the distinctive, pungent citrus and pine undertones. The induced effect is an energizing, euphoric high that leaves you with a mood enhancing, uplifting buzz. Revealing all her charms in about 70-80 days, from seed to flower, Auto-Lemonesia is perfectly suited for less experienced growers who would otherwise be deterred from the stretchy aspects of mostly-sativa hybrids.

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Sativa / Indica

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