Ceres Kush (Regular Seeds) – Ceres Seeds


– Regular Cannabis Seeds
– Yield: 0.85 gram per watt of light
– Flowering: 50 – 55 days
– Indica

Available in original packs of 15 seeds.

Free Seed: Buy an original 15-pack of Ceres Kush (Regular Seeds) and get + 1 Free Extra Seed with your order.


Kush has made a glorious comeback. This pure Indica, with it’s roots in Afghanistan and India, grows hard nuggets on a short compact plant. It has a specific herbal hashish taste and a comfortable buzz. Kush is quick flowering and easy to grow.

The Kush has a rich history. It is believed to be the first strain of Cannabis used by people for its ‘magical’ properties, therefore it might just represent one of humanity’s initial psychedelic doorways to the realms of mysticism.

Ceres Kush is a perfect example of a high class Indica, with a bushy, compact figure and lovely fat buds. It has a heavy Indica aroma and a pleasant, smooth taste. It is a mighty potent variety, which makes it an excellent choice when you’re ready for a real heavy body buzz. A must for every true Indica fan!

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