Lemonesia (Regular Seeds) – Ceres Seeds


– Regular Cannabis Seeds
– Flowering: 65 – 70 days
– Sativa x Indica

Available in original packs of 15 seeds.

Free Seed: Buy an original 15-pack of Lemonesia (Regular Seeds) and get + 1 Free Extra Seed with your order.


Lemonesia (Regular Seeds) – Ceres Seeds is a crossbreed that combines two exquisite cannabis strains: the original award-winning Amnesia Haze and the equally praised Sour Diesel. This spicy blend of top varieties produces an eclectic, highly invigorating Sativa-dominant plant, with light-green colored leaves and glazy buds, full of trichomes.

With a flowering time of 10 weeks, Lemonesia is ready in due time for a mostly-Sativa hybrid. When maturing, her long, chunky colas are a pleasure to look at and prelude the fresh lemony scent and overwhelming, long-lasting, cerebral effect that is the trademark of Lemonesia.

The unique composition of terpenes in Lemonesia (Regular Seeds) from Ceres Seeds is the source of the distinctive, pungent citrus and pine undertones. Complementing the powerful high of Sour Diesel with the energizing, kaleidoscopic effect of Amnesia Haze, Lemonesia emerges as an all-new variety of floral, citrus-tasting cannabis pleasure.


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Sativa / Indica

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